Border Info

U.S. Citizens travelling between the United States and Canada will be required to present a valid passport. Take the time to visit before you leave home. For those travellers with a criminal record we strongly recommend checking out updated information on the requirements for entering Canada.

U.S. citizens, are encouraged to visit the U.S. Department of State web site at for information on U.S. requirements to enter or return to the United States.

Visitors may temporarily import non-restricted firearms, such as common hunting rifles and shotguns, if they complete Form CAFC 909, Non-Resident Firearm Declaration, and have a valid purpose (e.g. hunting, target shooting, for protection from wild animals in remote areas where firearms are allowed). If they want to import restricted firearms, such as pistols or revolvers, in addition to Form CAFC 909 visitors must complete and submit Form CAFC 679, Application for an Authorization to Transport Restricted Firearms and Prohibited Firearms, in advance to the chief firearms officer of the province or territory to which they intend to import a restricted firearm.